Patient Safety

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute champions two nationally-designated events each year to spread awareness about patient safety. The public, providers and leaders are urged to get involved to make patient safety a priority to ensure safe care.

Canadian Patient Safety Week

1,924 Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) registrants

1,734 downloads of the PATIENT podcast series during CPSW

5,267 page views of the PATIENT podcast webpage

9,048 views of patient videos with 47,642 minutes viewed

4,783 views of provider videos with 23,558 minutes viewed

125 entries received for Question Your Meds! catchy phrase contest


of CPSW survey respondents indicated that the theme, Take With Questions, was effective

#ASKLISTENTALK October 30 to November 3, 2017

1,701 original tweets from 769 participants

290,000 impressions of #questionyourmeds

4,437,000 impressions of #ASKLISTENTALK

Patient Quiz
and Provider Quiz

together taken 5,581 TIMES

STOP! Clean Your Hands Day

impressions of #STOPCleanYourHandsDay

attendees at the Making it Stick: When asking, begging and telling are just not enough webinar

viewing minutes of the 18 Ask Yourself videos

times the How Clean Are Your Hands quizzes were taken by patients and families, and providers

Key Accomplishments

Developed for Canadian Patient Safety Week, the PATIENT podcast series explores medication safety through a nonfiction medical drama about the people trying to fix modern healthcare from the inside out.

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Canadian Patient Safety Week

Canadian Patient Safety Week started in 2005 to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality. Canadian Patient Safety Week also aims to expand awareness of patient safety issues among patients, their families, and the public so that they can participate more fully as a member of their healthcare team and receive the safest care possible. During the annual nationally-designated week, participants help spread the message to Ask.Listen.Talk. Healthcare organizations across Canada participate by holding events and activities to increase awareness of patient safety in their communities.

Almost 2,000 healthcare organizations and members of the public registered to participate in Canadian Patient Safety Week, held October 30 to November 3, 2017. The theme focused on medication safety, with the emphasis on the 5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications.

Last year, two new videos were added to our collection of patient and family, and healthcare provider stories. In addition, the inaugural PATIENT podcast series was introduced, focusing on medications and the power of a prescription.

Canadian Patient Safety Week 2018 will take place October 29 to November 2. The focus on medication safety will continue, encouraging members of the public who are on multiple medications, and the healthcare providers who are treating them, to get or provide medication reviews to ensure safe care. The theme, Not All Meds Get Along, also encourages medication reviews for at-risk populations.

VIDEO: Patient & family stories VIDEO: Healthcare provider stories

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PATIENT Podcast Series

A podcast series, called PATIENT was created as a podcast series to bring together the public, providers and leaders and highlight what can be done to alleviate the harm suffered in Canadian healthcare. PATIENT focuses on individuals who are trying to change modern medicine from the inside out. It’s a non-fiction medical drama from the perspective of the patient.

Three episodes of the PATIENT podcast series were unveiled during Canadian Patient Safety Week 2017. The first episode focuses on mental health; the second episode explores the opioid crisis; and the third episode highlights activism.

Since October 2017, there have been more than 1,400 downloads and 400 subscribers signed up to be notified of new episodes in the series. PATIENT was rated by iTunes as the number 2 podcast in the medicine category for the week of October 30, 2017. In a 2017 Canadian Patient Safety Week participant survey, 55.3 per cent of respondents indicated that they had listed to the PATIENT podcasts and 69.0 per cent said they would listen to more podcasts in the series.

The PATIENT podcast series received two national awards, presented by the Canadian Public Relations Society (Award of Merit: Best Multi-Media Project) and the International Association of Business Communicators (Award of Excellence: Digital Communications).

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STOP! Clean Your Hands Day

The theme for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day, held May 5, 2017, was: Ask Yourself … Whether you’re a patient, provider, or work in a healthcare setting, take the time to have a conversation and ask what you can change today to improve for tomorrow. Hosted by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Accreditation Canada, Infection Prevention and Control Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, STOP! Clean Your Hands Day coincides with “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands,” a global initiative of the World Health Organization.

The 2017 campaign boasted a multi-faceted engagement platform. The message of good hand hygiene was championed at the highest level, as the Honourable Jane Philpott (then federal Minister of Health) visited the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) to wash her hands.

Providers and the public were asked to take a quiz to determine how squeaky clean their hands are. Between April 1 and May 5, 2017, the Provider quiz was taken 2,149 times and the Public quiz 1,180 times.

Healthcare providers created videos for the STOP! Clean Your Hands Day Video competition to illustrate the questions they ask themselves to ensure the safest care for their patients. From the date of posting to May 9, 2017, the 18 videos received were viewed over 14,806 times, totalling 19,353 viewing minutes, learning about hand hygiene.

The Making it Stick: When asking, begging and telling are just not enough interactive webinar, held on May 4, 2017, explored the fundamentals of knowledge translation to change practice through implementation science. Practical tools and examples were provided on how to improve hand hygiene compliance. The webinar attracted 383 attendees.

The hashtag #STOPCleanYourHandsDay tracked social media activity, receiving 1,632,357 impressions of #STOPCleanYourHandsDay – double the number over the previous year. There were 21 tweets sent on May 5th that garnered 17,576 impressions and 307 engagements; eight Facebook posts created by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute obtained a reach of 12,825 with 228 engagements.

WEBINAR: Making it Stick: When asking, begging and telling are just not enough

STOP Clean your hands
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